60 Cool Sleeve Tattoo Designs

50 Sleeve Tattoo

Custom Sleeve film tattoo

Sleeve tattoo is one of popular ideas for tattoo placement. Honestly, I noticed one’s tattoo inked on their arms in the first time, which might be because the fact arm could be exposed outside in all seasons.

When the placement has been firmed, there are a lot of choices for your sleeve tattoo ideas, e.g., tribal, fonts, flowers, animals, portraits, angel, or any other creative ideas. Based on the length of arm covered by the tattoo, it’s divided into full sleeve tattoo, half sleeve tattoo and quarter sleeve tattoo. Full sleeve tattoo covers most or all of a person’s arm, usually from shoulder to wrist. Half sleeve tattoo normally covers half of an arm, usually above the elbow and quarter tattoo covers about one-fourth of the arm length.

It’s a very complex process to get a sleeve tattoo done. It generally requires many long hours of tattooing and can take weeks, months or years to complete. The planning is very important, which includes deciding your tattoo idea and finding a good tattoo artist. Here is a collection of 50+ cool sleeve tattoo designs for your inspiration. Let us know which one you like the best.

17 Sleeve Tattoo

Maori Style Tattoo

Sleeve tattoo 100

Sleeve tattoo

sleeve tattoo for man

Sleeve tattoo for man

3D half sleeve tattoo

3D half sleeve tattoo

leaves tattoo on forearm

Leaves tattoo on forearm

leaves tattoo

Leaves tattoo

Amazing portrait half sleeve tattoo

Amazing portrait half sleeve tattoo

cool sleeve tattoo

23 Sleeve Tattoo

arm with muscle tissue5 Tattoo

Sleeve tattoo

cool forearm tattoo

Cool forearm tattoo

leaves tattoo on forearm

forearm tattoo

Amazing sleeve tattoo

Amazing sleeve tattoo

cool turbo stuff tattoo

cool turbo stuff tattoo

25 Sleeve Tattoo

Freehand sleeve

full sleeve tattoo for women

Full sleeve tattoo for women

Realistic Floral Sleeve by Nikko Hurtado

Realistic Floral Sleeve by Nikko Hurtado

let me know what you guys think

Let me know what you guys think!

aztec warrior guy

Aztec warrior guy

cool sleeve tattoo

Cool sleeve tattoo

1 Sleeve Tattoo

mermaid sleeve 3

3 Sleeve Tattoo

Maruo Sleeve – Still in Progress

4 Sleeve Tattoo

Dynamics Tattoo

sleeve tattoo for men

Sleeve tattoo for men

sleeve tattoo

6 Sleeve Tattoo

Metal Sleeve finished

7 Sleeve Tattoo

8 Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve Tattoo

9 Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve Micro Music Skull cards

10 Sleeve Tattoo

skull and flowers

11 Sleeve Tattoo

sea sleeve

12 Sleeve Tattoo

Rose Spiders

13 Sleeve Tattoo


14 Sleeve Tattoo

custom arm project

15 Sleeve Tattoo 598x1024

Sleeve Tattoo

16 Sleeve Tattoo

Tall Ships Skull Tattoo Black And Grey

18 Sleeve Tattoo

Norwegian floral design

19 Sleeve Tattoo

Abstract trash tattoo

20 Sleeve Tattoo

Metal Gear Solid Piece by Norbert Halasz

21 Sleeve Tattoo

girl tattoo with rose

22 Sleeve Tattoo

yuki snow,TUBAKI

24 Sleeve Tattoo

Sacred geometry sleeve

26 Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve Tattoo

27 Sleeve Tattoo

Maori Sleeve

28 Sleeve Tattoo

Tempus fugit cherub Tattoo

29 Sleeve Tattoo

Jazz Sleeve

2 Sleeve Tattoo


30 Sleeve Tattoo

Full sleeve new school progress eminem song

31 Sleeve Tattoo

Statuary sleeve

32 Sleeve Tattoo 598x1024

Dragon Sleeve tattoo

33 Sleeve Tattoo

Tiger sleeve

34 Sleeve Tattoo

flower sleeve

35 leeve Tattoo

skull sleeve tattoo

36 leeve Tattoo

Music Sleeve Tattoo

37 Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve Tattoo

38 leeve Tattoo

New school tattoo sleeve

39 Sleeve Tattoo

Alana’s Sleeve

40 leeve Tattoo

Sleeve Tattoo couple

41 leeve Tattoo

Sleeve Tattoo

42 leeve Tattoo

Polynesian sleeve process

43 leeve Tattoo

Psykedelic raven project 2

44 leeve Tattoo

warrior sleeve tattoo

45 leeve Tattoo

Sleeve Tattoo

46 leeve Tattoo

Electronic inspired blackwork sleeve tattoo

47 leeve Tattoo

Color Japanese full sleeve tattoo

48 leeve Tattoo

Angel Sleeve tattoo

49 Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve Tattoo for women

52 Sleeve Tattoo

Tribal sleeve

53 Sleeve Tattoo

A mantra of Peace and happiness tattoo part 2

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  1. Love the Red writing in the Sacred Geometry Sleeve. Does anyone know what script it is or what it says. Regards Shaun

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