100 Moon Phases Tattoos with Meaning

Since time immemorial, the moon has held a mystical place in the human consciousness, weaving its way through myth and legend, shaping the narratives of various cultures across the globe. Its cyclical journey from darkness to light has become a powerful motif in the world of tattoo art, offering rich symbolism and a canvas for personal expression. In this article, we delve into the profound meanings behind moon phases tattoos, explore a spectrum of compelling design options, and ponder the perfect spots on the skin to place these celestial wonders.

The Symbolism of Moon Phases Tattoos

Traditional floral Moon phases tattoo

The moon is more than just a celestial body; it’s a timeless symbol of transformation, an emblem of the natural rhythm of time, and a mirror reflecting the cycle of life itself. Each phase of the moon, from the new to the full, serves as a metaphor for life’s different stages and the facets of our personal journeys.

A new moon tattoo, for example, can signify new beginnings, an invitation to introspection, and the birth of intentions. On the flip side, the full moon, with its luminescent presence, might stand for fulfillment, clarity, and the revelation of secrets once hidden in the night. The waxing and waning periods in between can represent the process of striving towards a goal, or the ebb and flow of personal growth, respectively.

Diverse Designs

The beauty of moon phases tattoos lies in the rich array of designs and the layers of meaning that artists can infuse into them. The lunar cycle offers a template, but it’s the individual’s story that fills in the colors, shapes, and shades.

Flower Moon Phases Tattoo

Imagine a string of dainty moon icons from new to full, each cradled by a different blooming flower. This design is a celebration of growth and the beauty of impermanence. Each phase represents a step in the flower’s life cycle – from a bud to a full bloom and back to a seed. It’s a poetic dance between the lunar influence and Earth’s own rhythms, a perpetual reminder of nature’s cyclical beauty.

Flower and fern Moon phases tattoo

Flower Moon phases inner forearm tattoo

Black and white flower and fern Moon phases tattoo

Daisy flowers Moon phases forearm tattoo

Geometric Moon Phases Tattoo

For those who find peace in precision, geometric moon phase tattoos are the way to go. Crisp lines form perfect circles and arcs, capturing the moon’s journey through the sky in a series of angles and shapes. It’s a modern take on an ancient celestial pattern, symbolizing order in the chaos, clarity in the night’s sky. This design is as much a nod to the mathematician’s ruler as it is to the astronomer’s telescope.

Geometric Moon phases inner forearm tattoo

Geometric mountain and moon cycle tattoo

Sacred geometry moon phases tattoo

Flower of life Moon phases tattoo

Geometric Moon phases and galaxy tattoo

Geometric moon phases forearm tattoo

Moon Phase and Butterfly Tattoo

A butterfly fluttering along the path of moon phases signifies transformation and the ephemeral nature of life. It’s about embracing change, just as the butterfly does in its journey from caterpillar to winged beauty. This design can be a vibrant splash of color or a monochrome statement. Either way, it’s a testament to personal evolution and the grace found in transformation.

Moon phase and butterfly tattoo

Moon phases and butterfly back tattoo

Moon phases and butterfly calf tattoo

Butterfly and moon cycle upper arm tattoo

Floral butterfly and moon phases back tattoo

Moon Phases and Moth Tattoo

Moths and the moon share an age-old bond, with these night fliers irresistibly drawn to lunar light. Incorporating the delicate wings of a moth into a moon phases tattoo captures our fascination with the mysteries that lie in the shadows. It’s a design that symbolizes the guiding light that leads us through the obscurities of the night. It’s a reminder that we all seek our own light, our own path through the night.

Moon phases with moth tattoo on thigh

Moth and Moon phases tattoo on back

Moon phases and lunar moth tattoo

Moon phases lunar moth tattoo black and grey

Moon Phases and Eye Tattoo

Intriguing and mysterious, an eye gazing out from the center of the moon’s cycle is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and the ability to see beyond the obvious. It’s a design that suggests a deeper understanding, a connection to the intuitive and the psychic. This tattoo is a bold statement that the wearer is watching the universe just as closely as it watches over us.

Eye Moon phases tattoo

Moon phases and eye tattoo

Moon Phases and Lotus Tattoo

The lotus flower, with its roots in mud and petals in the air, is a symbol of purity and spiritual awakening. When entwined with the phases of the moon, it becomes a powerful emblem of enlightenment unfolding in sync with the lunar rhythm. A moon phases and lotus tattoo is a serene, yet profound reminder of the harmony between growth and the passage of time.

Dotwork moon phases and lotus tattoo

Moon phase and lotus flower tattoo

Black and grey moon phases and lotus tattoo

Lotus with moon phases and crystal tattoo

Moon Phases and Snake Tattoo

Snakes are creatures of rebirth, known for shedding their skin and emerging anew. Coiled along the curve of the moon phases, a snake represents the cycle of shedding the old and embracing the new. This design is edgy and primal, a nod to the raw forces of nature and the regenerative power of the moon.

Moon phases and snake back tattoo

Moon Phases and Sun Tattoo

The sun and moon are eternal dance partners in the sky, one ruling the day, the other the night. A tattoo that marries the moon phases with the sun is a celebration of this balance, of the unity in duality. It’s a design that speaks to the yin and yang of life, the constant interplay between light and shadow, presence and absence.

Moon phases and sun tattoo on back

Sunflower and leaves Moon phases tattoo

Moon Phases Outline Tattoo

Simplicity can be breathtaking, and a moon phases outline tattoo proves just that. Picture this, unbroken line that traces the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle. It’s the essence of elegance with an understated charm that whispers rather than shouts. This design is for those who find beauty in the bare bones of celestial imagery, a subtle nod to the universe’s minimalist side.

Moon phases outline tattoo below inner elbow

Moon phases outline tattoo on side

Moon Phases with Arrow Tattoo

Now, let’s add an edge to that serenity with a moon phases tattoo pierced by an arrow. This is for the go-getters, the dreamers who shoot for the moon and land among the stars. The arrow not only points the way forward but also symbolizes movement and direction, guiding you along life’s lunar-tide journey. It’s a tattoo that says you’re on a path, an odyssey that’s as much about the voyage as the destination.

Moon phases with arrow tattoo

Watercolor moon phases with arrow tattoo

Moon Phases with Constellation Tattoo

Why stop at the moon when you can have the whole sky? Combine the lunar phases with constellations, and you’ve got a stellar map etched into your skin. This design intertwines the personal with the cosmic, connecting your own life cycles with the grand, celestial tapestry. Each star in the constellation twinkles with purpose, creating a narrative that’s written in the stars and inked for eternity.

Moon phases and constellation tattoo

Moon phases with Libra constellation tattoo

Moon Phases with Quote Tattoos

Sometimes, you want to pair the visual with the verbal, and that’s where moon phases with quote tattoos come in. Choose a line that resonates with your soul, something that encapsulates your journey or inspires your next steps. Nestled among the moon’s silhouettes, the words take on a deeper meaning, like a mantra that rides the lunar tide within the depths of your being.

Moon phases tattoo with words No Mater Where

Moon phases with quote tattoo

Feminine moon phases tattoo with quote f

Moon Phases with Stars Tattoo

Stars and moons are like peanut butter and jelly—they just belong together. A moon phases tattoo speckled with stars is a constellation of moments, memories, and dreams. It’s a personal night sky that tells a story of interconnectedness, each star a dot connecting the phases of your life. This design is a celebration of the vastness within you, a cosmic reminder to shine bright.

Watercolor Moon phases and stars tattoo

Watercolor moon phases with stars thigh tattoo

Lunar cycle with star tattoo

Moon phases with stars tattoo

Shell and starfish Moon phases upper arm tattoo

Moon Phases with Wolf Tattoo

Invoke the spirit of the wild with a moon phases tattoo that features the silhouette of a wolf. The wolf howling at the moon is an iconic emblem of freedom, instinct, and connection to nature. This tattoo embodies the call of the wild, the primal urge to connect with something greater than oneself. It’s a powerful statement of survival, strength, and the primal rhythms that govern us all.

Moon phases and howling wolf line work tattoo

Moon phases with wolf tattoo

Neo traditional Moon phases and wolf tattoo

Black and white moon phases and wolf tattoo

moon cycle with wolf tattoo

Simple Moon Phase Tattoo

For those who thrive on minimalism, a simple moon phase tattoo is your go-to. It’s clean, it’s classic, and it’s timeless. Just a series of crescents and circles to denote the changing faces of the moon, and that’s all you need. No fuss, no frills—just the moon in all its glory. It’s proof that sometimes, less really is more.

Minimalist moon phases silhouette tattoo

Simple moon phase tattoo on forearm

Watercolor Moon Phases Tattoo

For the creatives and color lovers, the watercolor moon phases tattoo is a masterpiece waiting to happen. Imagine the lunar cycle painted across your skin with a brush soaked in the hues of your choice—a splash of celestial watercolors that turns the moon’s journey into a vibrant dream. This design is a fusion of art and astronomy, a colorful dance between the fluidity of watercolors and the precision of the moon’s path.

Moon phases on watercolor backdrop tattoo

Moon phases thigh tattoo watercolor

Moon phases and surreal woman line work tattoo

Moon phases and surreal woman line work tattoo

This tattoo is a celebration of femininity and the surreal connection to the lunar essence. The woman’s features, crafted in fine lines, blend seamlessly into the crescent moons, full moons, and gibbous moons, creating a hypnotic visual that’s both elegant and otherworldly. It’s a design that speaks volumes about the power of women and their intrinsic link to the rhythm of the cosmos.

Moon phases wave tattoo

Moon phases wave tattoo

Surf’s up with the moon phases wave tattoo, where the tide meets the timekeeper of the night. Each phase of the moon is cradled within a cresting wave, symbolizing the unbreakable bond between the lunar cycle and the ocean’s pulse. This tattoo is for those who feel the pull of the tides within their soul and who find peace in the ebb and flow of life’s currents. It’s a perfect blend of marine majesty and celestial wonder.

Moon phases with compass tattoo

Moon phases with compass tattoo

Navigators and adventurers, unite! The moon phases with compass tattoo is a beacon for those who traverse life’s journey with intention. The compass, with its steadfast needle, is a symbol of guidance. Together, they form a powerful emblem of direction, purpose, and the natural cycles that guide us through the unknown.

Moon phases with wings tattoo

Moon phases with wings tattoo

Take flight with the moon phases with wings tattoo, a design that symbolizes freedom and transcendence. Wings, unfurled and majestic, span the lunar progression, suggesting the ability to soar high and navigate life with grace. This tattoo honors those who chase their dreams, aspiring to transcend the ordinary world. It’s for those who seek to float with the moon, released from the grasp of terrestrial bonds.

Small Moon phases tattoo above elbow

Small Moon phases tattoo above elbow

Subtlety can make the loudest statement with a small moon phases tattoo perched delicately above the elbow. It’s a discreet nod to the lunar allure, a tiny monument to the moon’s influence that’s both chic and understated. Ideal for minimalists who live by the ‘less is more’ credo, this tattoo subtly beckons with its celestial allure. It gently captures the gaze and kindles the fires of creativity within the onlooker.

Yin yang Moon phases tattoo

Yin yang Moon phases tattoo

Harmony and balance find their expression in the yin yang moon phases tattoo, a design that melds ancient philosophy with celestial imagery. The black and white halves of the yin yang symbol incorporate the waxing and waning of the moon, embodying the duality of light and darkness, the tangible and the mystical. It’s a profound piece that encapsulates the equilibrium found in the universe and within ourselves.

Black and white mandala moon phases half sleeve tattoo

Black and white mandala moon phases half sleeve tattoo

Embrace the intricate with a black and white mandala moon phases half sleeve tattoo. Mandalas, with their complex geometric patterns, represent the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. When combined with the moon’s phases, the design becomes a stunning tapestry of precision and spirituality, wrapping around the arm in a display of cosmic and artistic unity.

Colored Moon phases outer forearm tattoo

Colored Moon phases outer forearm tattoo

Why not add a dash of color to your lunar tribute? The colored moon phases outer forearm tattoo brings vibrant hues to the traditional moon imagery. Each phase bursts with life, painted in shades that reflect your personality or the natural colors of the nighttime sky. This tattoo is a bold statement of individuality and a celebration of the moon’s vivid presence in our lives.

Mandala moon cycle tattoo

Mandala moon cycle tattoo

The mandala moon cycle tattoo is a fusion of celestial cycles and meditative art. The mandala, a representation of the universe, encircles the moon’s journey, creating a design that’s both a focal point for contemplation and a declaration of one’s connection to the cosmos. It’s a circular saga of the heavens, a roundel of moonlit nights that serves as a constant reminder of our place in the grand scheme of things.

Moon phases and cat tattoo

Moon phases and cat tattoo

Cats, often associated with mystery and the nocturnal, are the perfect companions to the moon’s phases. This design sees a cat, poised and graceful, meandering through the lunar cycle, its silhouette a charming addition to the moon’s timeless allure. It’s a tattoo that celebrates the enigmatic spirit of cats and their connection to the mystical powers of the moon.

Moon Phases Tattoo Placement Ideas

The versatility of moon phases tattoos extends to where they can be inked on the body. Each phase of the moon tells a different story, and where you choose to tell that story can add even more personality to your ink. Here, I’ll help you navigate the best spots for your lunar tattoo, so it resonates with your personal rhythm.


Your back is the ultimate stage for the moon’s full cycle. It’s spacious, allowing each phase to be displayed in glorious detail. Imagine the crescent slowly waxing to a full moon at the center of your back, then waning down the other side—a powerful representation of completion and continuity. It’s hidden most of the time, but when revealed, it’s a dramatic statement of your connection to the universe’s cycles.

Black and grey flower moon phases back tattoo

Moon phases back tattoo

Below Inner Elbow

This spot is intimate, a little nook that’s only shown in certain movements. It’s perfect for a smaller moon phases tattoo—one that can start with a tiny crescent and softly curve around the elbow’s bend. It’s a subtle but surprising choice, offering a glimpse of your lunar love during a handshake or a high five.

Black and grey Moon phases tattoo below inner elbow

Moon phase finger tattoo

For those who prefer a whisper of ink, the finger is your go-to. Delicate mini moons can line the side of a finger, making a discreet yet enchanting statement. It’s the kind of tattoo that catches light like the real moon catches the sun’s rays—unexpected and delightful.

Moon phase tattoo on fingers

Moon phases fingerprint tattoo

Moon phases thumb finger tattoo

Moon phase finger tattoo

moon phase tattoo on fingers of both hands


Your forearm is front and center. It’s there when you reach, when you gesture, when you live out loud. A moon phases tattoo here can be your personal talisman, a constant reminder of the ebb and flow of life. Each glance down can bring you back to center, no matter the chaos around you.

Moon phases forearm tattoo

Moon phases outer forearm tattoo

Black and grey Moon phases inner forearm tattoo

Floral Moon phases tattoo forearm


The leg offers a vertical stretch that’s ideal for a moon phases tattoo. It can be a private path of moons from your thigh to your calf, each phase marking a different point in your own journey. It’s a place that’s both personal and public, depending on your stride and style.

Moon phases lower leg tattoo

Moon phases lower leg tattoo 1


Ankles are about movement—they’re about grounding. Wrapping the phases of the moon around your ankle can symbolize stability amidst change. It’s a particularly potent spot, where each step you take is guided by the moon’s wisdom.

Moon phases ankle tattoo

Back of Arm

The back of the arm is a fresh canvas. It’s also a place that follows you. A moon phases tattoo here is like a constant companion, a reminder of the phases you’ve gone through and the ones to come. It’s a look-back-at-me spot, a trail of moons that tells your story to anyone walking behind you.

Moon phases back of arm tattoo


The bicep is a place of strength, and what’s stronger than the moon, which moves oceans with its pull? A tattoo here moves with you, flexing and bending with your muscle—a symbol of adaptability and resilience. It’s a bold choice for those who wear their power softly.

Moon phases bicep tattoo


Imagine a crescent moon nestled between your thumb and index finger or a full moon sitting boldly on the back of your hand. The hand is a place of action, interaction, and expression. It’s almost always visible, engaging with the world as much as with the stars above. A moon phases tattoo here says you’re ready to grasp the universe’s mysteries.

Moon phases hand tattoo


The rib cage is personal, a spot that you share on your own terms. It’s the breath and the life force, expanding and contracting with your own rhythms. A moon phases tattoo on the rib is for those who cherish the intimate connection between their breath and the celestial pulse. It’s a placement that’s as close to the heart as you can get without tattooing it directly over your chest.

Moon phases rib tattoo


Your wrist is a pivot point, a place that’s always moving, turning, expressing. A tattoo here is a constant reminder of change and continuity, visible in every gesture you make. Whether it’s a single phase for focus or a series for full expression, the wrist brings your lunar tattoo to life with every flick and wave.

Moon phases wrist tattoo black and white


The neck is a delicate, sensual part of the body, often associated with vulnerability and strength. A moon phases tattoo curving gracefully along the nape of the neck is both protective and provocative. It’s a design that can peek out from under hair or stand boldly when the hair is up—an alluring lunar secret for all to see.

Moon phases tattoo on back of neck

Small Moon phases back neck tattoo

Vertical moon phases tattoo on back of neck

Moon phases neck tattoo

Moon phases side neck tattoo


Shoulders are about bearing weight, carrying burdens, and showcasing strength. They’re also incredibly versatile for tattoo placement. A moon phases tattoo here can be a private emblem or a public display, a piece of armor that carries the weight of the moon’s influence. Whether it’s a full arc over the shoulder blade or a subtle line down the arm, it’s a powerful place for a powerful symbol.

Moon phases shoulder cap tattoo

Moon phases shoulder tattoo

Botanical Moon phases shoulder tattoo

Horizontal moon phases shoulder tattoo


The clavicle is like the horizon where the sky meets the earth. It’s a line that draws attention, a place of elegance and subtlety. Moon phases aligned along the clavicle mimic this horizon—a series of celestial bodies hovering just above the heart, guiding your way through the world’s landscape.

Small Moon phases clavicle tattoo


The spine is your core, your axis, the line that holds everything together. A moon phases spine tattoo is a spine-tingling expression of alignment with the universe. It’s a bold choice but deeply personal, as it’s not often seen by others. Each vertebra a phase, the tattoo becomes a backbone of celestial intent.

Mandala Moon phases spine tattoo

Vertical Moon phases spine tattoo

Black and white noon phases spine tattoo

Blue floral moon cycle spine tattoo

Lunar cycle spine tattoo


Lastly, the sternum, grounding, and inherently connected to the soul. A moon phase sternum tattoo is a declaration of inner strength and cosmic connection. It’s a central point for the moon’s phases to orbit around, a sacred space that’s both protective and profound. It’s tucked away, yet vibrantly alive—a heart-centered homage to lunar magic.

moon phase sternum tattoo

Moon phase with sun sternum tattoo

Moon phase and sun sternum tattoo


Moon phases tattoos are more than just an aesthetic choice; they are a declaration of one’s connection to the cosmos, a personal testament to change, and an acknowledgment of the cyclical nature of existence. As you ponder your own connection to the lunar dance, consider how a moon phases tattoo could encapsulate your story, your achievements, and your dreams. Choose a design that resonates with your soul and a placement that complements your life’s canvas. In the end, it is the personal significance that will make your moon phases tattoo truly shine under the skin, like the moon in the night sky.

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