35 Thoth Tattoo Designs with Meaning

In the pantheon of Egyptian gods, Thoth stands out as the intellectual’s deity. Known as the god of knowledge, wisdom, and writing, Thoth is often depicted with the head of an ibis or a baboon, symbols deeply rooted in ancient Egyptian culture. As tattoos become canvases for personal expression, Thoth tattoos have seen a surge in popularity. They are not just artistic renditions but also deeply symbolic personal statements for those who value intellect, lore, and the quest for understanding. In a world teeming with information, a Thoth tattoo can be a permanent reminder of one’s dedication to wisdom and the pursuit of truth.

Historical Significance of Thoth

Thoth played a crucial role in Egyptian mythology. He was a moon deity, embodying the concepts of time, languages, and mediation between conflicting parties. Thoth’s association with the moon also made him a figure of impartiality and balance. He stood as an impartial overseer, adjudicating cosmic affairs with even-handed wisdom. His depictions as an ibis, associated with wisdom and learning, or as a baboon, a creature believed to be intelligent and communicative, underlined his multifaceted nature as a deity.

Symbolism of Thoth Tattoos

A Thoth tattoo is rich with symbolism. It’s not just a nod to the past but an emblem of knowledge, wisdom, balance, and communication. For scholars, writers, and seekers of enlightenment, inking Thoth on their skin represents a lifelong commitment to learning. Moreover, Thoth’s role as the divine scribe, recording the universe’s knowledge, makes these tattoos a tribute to the power of written words and the endless pursuit of information.

Popular Thoth Tattoo Designs

The versatility of Thoth tattoo designs allows for a broad spectrum of artistic expression. Here are some of the most compelling ways to capture Thoth’s essence:

Thoth Holding a Stylus to Write Tattoos

Thoth’s role as the divine scribe is legendary. And tattoos depicting him holding a stylus pay homage to the written word’s power. This design is a shout-out to writers, historians, and anyone who cherishes the act of recording knowledge. It’s like having a personal muse inked onto your skin. It servers as a constant reminder of the impact our stories and records have on the world.

Thoth half kneeling and holding a stylus to write thigh tattoo

Thoth holding a stylus to write half sleeve tattoo

Blackwork Thoth Tattoos

There’s something undeniably striking about blackwork tattoos. The contrast, the absence of color, the sheer boldness—they all come together to create a design that’s as powerful as it is elegant. Blackwork Thoth tattoos are a perfect example. They capture the essence of Thoth in stark black ink, creating a design that’s both modern and timeless. Imagine Thoth’s silhouette, filled with intricate black patterns, against the backdrop of your skin—simple, profound, and packed with symbolism.

Blackwork Thoth lower leg tattoo

Blackwork writing Thoth and Ankh tattoo

Blackwork Thoth forearm tattoo

Geometric Thoth Tattoos

Geometry isn’t just for the mathematically inclined. It’s an art form that brings a sense of order to the often chaotic tapestry of life. Geometric Thoth tattoos are a harmonious blend of sharp lines and crisp angles, creating a stylized version of this deity that feels both ancient and contemporary. These designs often layer shapes to form the iconic ibis head, turning your body into a canvas of sacred geometry.

Thoth and Metatron’s cube tattoo

Thoth and Metatron's cube tattoo

Geometric Egyptian God Thoth tattoo

Thoth and Anubis Tattoos

Pairing Thoth with Anubis, the god of the afterlife, weaves a narrative of life, death, and the wisdom that guides the journey between the two. It’s a profound statement about seeking knowledge that transcends the mortal plane.

Thoth and Anubis hand tattoo

Writing Thoth and Anubis with scales of justice tattoo

Fine line Thoth and Anubis tattoo half sleeve

Thoth and Hieroglyphics Tattoos

Incorporating hieroglyphics into a Thoth tattoo adds layers of meaning. Each symbol can represent different aspects of the wearer’s life or broader concepts within Egyptian mythology.

Thoth and hieroglyphics tattoo

Writing Thoth and hieroglyphics tattoo

Thoth Portrait Tattoos

A portrait tattoo of Thoth captures the wisdom in the deity’s eyes, the curve of the ibis beak, the poise of his stance. It’s a direct gaze into the face of knowledge, a window into the soul of ancient Egyptian lore. Thoth portrait tattoos are a declaration of your own quest for understanding, a visual representation of your reverence for learning and the magic it holds.

Small Thoth portrait blackwork tattoo

Small Thoth portrait tattoo

Traditional Thoth Tattoos

Traditional tattoos pay homage to the classic art style of ancient Egyptian wall paintings and carvings. These designs are easy to recognize and hold a lot of cultural significance thanks to their strong lines and meaningful colors. A traditional Thoth tattoo is a link to the past, a piece of history that shows how myths can last for a long time.

Traditional Thoth with scepter and Ankh tattoo

Traditional writing Thoth forearm tattoo

Traditional Thoth portrait tattoo on upper arm

Thoth with Ankh Tattoos

The Ankh often appears alongside Thoth to signify the deity’s role in the creation and preservation of life. Thoth with Ankh tattoos merge the concept of knowledge with the essence of living, suggesting that to know is to live and that life itself is a form of divine wisdom.

Sitting Thoth with scepter and Ankh drawing tattoo

Thoth with wings and Ankh tattoo

Thoth with Sun Tattoos

The sun is a source of life, a giver of light, and a beacon of clarity in the darkness. Thoth with sun tattoos symbolize the illumination that knowledge brings to our lives. These designs often feature Thoth basking in the radiant sun. They serve as a reminder that understanding can lead us out of the shadows and into the light of awareness.

Colored writing Thoth and sun side tattoo

Thoth and sun tattoo

Thoth half sleeve tattoo for dark skin

Thoth half sleeve tattoo for dark skin

Half sleeve tattoos make a bold statement, and when Thoth takes center stage, the statement is even louder. Crafted to stand out on darker skin tones, these tattoos use contrasts and highlights to bring the deity’s image to life. Thoth half sleeve tattoos are not just a commitment to the art form; they’re a badge of honor, displaying wisdom and protection on your journey through life.

Thoth holding a guitar tattoo

Thoth holding a guitar tattoo

Who says ancient gods can’t be modern? A Thoth holding a guitar tattoo is the epitome of cool, blending mythology with the rhythm of today. This design speaks to those who see music as their form of wisdom, their way of understanding the world. It’s a creative take on Thoth, showcasing him as the ultimate rockstar of deities, strumming divine chords of knowledge.

Thoth holding a was scepter line work tattoo

Thoth holding a was scepter line work tattoo

Line work tattoos are all about precision, and when you’ve got Thoth holding a was-scepter (a symbol of power), that precision is power. The clean, sharp lines carve out an image of authority and control, with the was-scepter in Thoth’s grasp, you’re not just wearing a tattoo; you’re wielding a symbol of dominion and influence.

Thoth Ibis holding a diamond tattoo

Thoth Ibis holding a diamond tattoo

Sometimes, a tattoo should offer more than meets the eye, like a riddle wrapped in a mystery. A Thoth ibis holding a diamond tattoo does just that. It’s Thoth in his ibis form, clutching a sparkling diamond, a symbol of invincibility, light, and incorruptibility. This design suggests that wisdom is the most precious gem of all, one that can cut through life’s illusions.

Colorful reading Thoth tattoo

Colorful reading Thoth tattoo

Imagine the god of wisdom, engrossed in a book, etched onto your skin in a spectrum of colors that pop. Colorful reading Thoth tattoos are a feast for the eyes, with hues that bring the ancient deity to life. This design isn’t just about showcasing your love for knowledge; it’s a full-blown tribute to the vibrancy of ancient Egyptian culture. It’s as if Thoth himself is conjuring spells of wisdom and wrapping them around your body.

Dotwork Thoth Ibis with crescent moon tattoo

Dotwork Thoth Ibis with crescent moon tattoo

Dotwork tattoos have a certain magic to them, don’t they? The meticulous placement of every dot creates a depth and texture that’s simply mesmerizing. Now, picture this technique applied to the ibis-headed Thoth, cradling a delicate crescent moon. This design marries the celestial with the scholarly, a perfect nod to Thoth’s association with the moon and the nocturnal hours often spent in pursuit of knowledge. It’s subtle, it’s intricate, and it’s utterly enchanting.

Placement tattoo ideas

Thoth tattoos are naturally complicated, so where you put them needs to be carefully thought out. You want a canvas that fits your style and does respect to the fine details of your Thoth design. Now let’s talk about the best place on your body to get a Thoth tattoo that will get people talking.


The arm is a classic choice for a reason. It’s like a blank canvas, ready for your Thoth tattoo to make a statement. Easy to show off or cover up, depending on the occasion, an arm tattoo offers versatility. Plus, the relatively low pain factor makes it a popular pick, especially for tattoo newbies.

Writing Thoth arm tattoo

Dotwork Thoth Ibis arm tattoo

Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

If you’re dipping your toes into the world of sleeve tattoos, a quarter sleeve featuring Thoth could be your perfect starting point. It’s a subtle nod to your dedication to wisdom without the commitment of a full sleeve. You can showcase Thoth in a dynamic way, perhaps with his ibis head extending gracefully from shoulder to mid-bicep.

Egyptian God Thoth writing quarter sleeve tattoo


The bicep is a timeless spot that gives Thoth the muscle he deserves. It’s the perfect place for a compact design that packs a punch. Every flex will bring Thoth to life, making it an excellent conversation starter at the gym or the beach.

Simple writing Thoth bicep tattoo

Half Sleeve

A half sleeve gives you more room to expand on your Thoth narrative. Think of it as a short story where Thoth could be accompanied by hieroglyphics, an ankh, or other deities. It’s a statement piece that tells a story as you move, making every gesture a tale of ancient wisdom.

Writing Thoth Ibis half sleeve tattoo


Want your Thoth tattoo to be front and center? The forearm is your go-to. It’s one of the most visible spots, meaning Thoth will be seen by all, serving as a constant reminder of your pursuit of knowledge. Whether you go for a simple ibis head or a more detailed scene, your forearm puts Thoth right where everyone can admire him.

Vintage writing Thoth Ibis forearm tattoo


Ready to go all out? A full sleeve dedicated to Thoth is the ultimate tribute. You’ll have a full arm’s length to depict Thoth in all his glory, from his role in mythology to his association with the moon. A sleeve is a bold choice that shows you’re not shy about your commitment to knowledge and learning.

Thoth writing tattoo sleeve


The thigh is like a private parchment for those who prefer their tattoos a little more discreet. It’s a spacious area that can accommodate a large, detailed Thoth tattoo, allowing for an elaborate depiction without compromising on size or intricacies. Plus, a thigh tattoo is for your eyes only—or for those you choose to reveal it to.

Thoth holding a stylus to write thigh tattoo


Thoth tattoos are a profound choice for those drawn to the world of knowledge and the mysteries of the universe. They are as deep and versatile as the deity they represent. They attract a diverse crowd of individuals who share a common respect for wisdom and balance. Whether you’re contemplating your first tattoo or adding to your collection, a Thoth design is more than ink on skin—it’s a commitment to the enduring quest for enlightenment. Consider carefully what Thoth signifies in your life before opting for this eternal emblem. Contemplate how his age-old wisdom resonates with your story and can be illustrated through your unique tattoo narrative.

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