40 Nude Color Nail Art Ideas

With rapid changing of nail trending, you might find it hard to keep up with what’s new for the season. Nude nail art is one of popular styles emerged recently. Well groomed nail in nude color looks clean and elegant. If you’re tired of complex shades or elements, nude themed nail art could be the best option for you.

Trending Nude Nail polish

Similar to hair styles and makeup, nail art designs have become hot topics on fashion magazines and websites. You’d be surprised at how many fresh ideas or designs are overwhelmed in just a short span of time. Nail art design has become a healthy competition nowadays for the artists. The great thing about it is that we can get to choose from more nail art designs.

The nail art design world is getting more attention and we get to see more colors being used for the designs. Then again, it doesn’t mean that nude nail art is out because of the singularity of its color, it actually does the opposite. Along with the influx of colorful nail art, nude nail art designs are starting to stand out. They are absolutely adorable and are something that you need to try on your own nails if you haven’t yet.

What to love about nude nail art designs

A lot of us like to match our nails with our fashion. However there are times that this is quite hard to do and you simply don’t feel like changing your nail polish soon. They are also perfect if you don’t like getting a lot of nail polish for the colors to blend, nude nail polish just needs one shade and you’re good to go. Nude nail art is classic and will stay that way; it’s your go to nail art when you wish to look sophisticated and in style.

Another advantage of nude nail art is makes your legs look leaner and longer. It gives out the illusion of long and smoother legs as compared to other nail polish colors. If you are wearing open toed heels or stilettos then combining them with your nude nail polish would simply be perfect.

How to pick the perfect shade of nude

What makes nude nail polish perfect is the right shade that you choose. You don’t have to combine a bunch of colors to form the nude but the right type of shade to make everything work well. Identify complementary shade as your skin color first. It’s kind of looking for a foundation or a concealer in nail polish form. You might need some tries but eventually you will get to discover the perfect shade just for you.

Look for different shades to determine if your choice is right. They may all look alike afar but if you actually try them on, the difference is bizarre. This is why it is recommended to try them out rather than hurry to buy certain nude shades. If possible, try to see them in the sunlight and the natural light, and see the difference. They can be tricky but you’ll get used to it.

Choose shade with color that is lighter than your skin tone. The nude shade should complement your skin rather than hide it. A good shade can help make your skin look glowing and healthy, or your hands may look slightly off, maybe darker in some areas. Therefore, take your time and examine the shades thoroughly before buying them.

You can use your natural nails as guide for your nude shade hunting. Make your natural nail color as the basis for finding the perfect shade for you. They can be slightly pinkish, or yellowish or peachy.

Keep it short

Although you would really love to paint the shades on your long nails, they actually look better on shorter nails. When you have longer nails the nude nail polish can tend to look like French nail tips when the whites of your nails start showing. It’s better to keep the nude shades in the shorter, cleaner and tidier look.

Nude color nail art

Floral inspired nude nail art

Give life to your nude nails by adding white polish on the tips with flower details on them.

Nude color nail art-22

Nude nail art with sequins

Line art colorful sequins on your nails above the nude nail polish for effect,

Nude color nail art-25

Elegant looking nude nail art with pretty gold beads on top. The beads add to the sheer elegance that the nude polish exudes.

Nude to purple gradient


Gingham and plaid patterns


Chevron nail art idea


Nude color nail art-28

Nude nail art with flower details on top. Let your nails stand out by painting flowers and adding embellishments above the nude polish.

Nude color nail art-29

Glorious looking nude nail art with silver embellishments on top. Add embellishments to the cuticle part of the nails to give more effect to the nail art.

Nude color nail art-9

Gold lollipop embellishment

A neat and tidy looking nude nail art. Add a gold lollipop shaped embellishment on top with silver beads, making the nail art twice as sophisticated as it has already been.

Nude color nail art-10

French tips with floral details

Combing your French tips with floral details to make the nude nail polish from beneath stand out even more.

Nude color nail art-11

Amazing nude and black polish combination. With the help of black and gold sequins, beads and glitter, the nail art looks absolutely ravishing.

Nude color nail art-12

Wonderful looking nude nail art for long nails

You can add more designs when you’re working on nude nail polish with long nails. Add on silver beads on top as well as geometric shapes on the polish.

Nude color nail art-13

A really pretty nude nail art design with matte green blue polish. You can also see beautiful flower details painted on top of the white polish as well as silver beads aligned at the cuticles of the nude polished nails.

Nude color nail art-14

Geometric combination with black and white nail polish

Geometric shapes and leaves make this nail art design so interesting to look at. The glitter polish added help make it stand out more.

Nude color nail art-15

Mix of white and nude almond nail designs

A combination of French tips, cuticle shapes as well as diagonal and horizontal intersecting lines is painted creating a wonderful design.

Nude color nail art-17

Gradient inspired nail art design

The gradient from nude polish to white on the tips is simply stunning and makes the hand glow so much more.

Nude color nail art-18

Nude and gold polish combination. What better way than to combine striking gold with the subtle colored nude polish? They look perfect with each other.

Nude color nail art-19

Matte design with embellishments on top

Give your nude nails a statement y adding gold and silver beads on top to give a stunning effect.

Nude color nail art-20

Nude and white polish combination

This nail art design uses nude nail polish with white French tips. Additional pearl and gold beads are also added on top for effect.

Nude color nail art-21

A glossy and perfect looking nail art. This type of nail polish makes the skin look so much healthier and vibrant especially under the sun.

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