55+ Incredible cover up tattoos before and after

Cat cover up tattoo

Cover up your old tattoo design with a much better one, like a hyper realistic cat tattoo with popping colors incredible detail. The colors, though not entirely dark, could definitely cover the previous one.

Colored full sleeve cover up tattoo

Colored full sleeve cover up tattoo

In this, the previous tattoo is based right in the middle of the arm, in the elbow section. Covering it up would require a bigger tattoo but somehow, due to placement, it would be kind of awkward. The solution? Cover the entire sleeve and the previous tattoo would be hidden behind colors and beautiful designs.

Cover before & afte bird tattoo

Here’s another plan showing how to pull off a cover-up tattoo. You and your artist could be able to get inspiration on how to make your new design fit well with your previous one.

Cover up tattoo

Make a design that won’t simply cover up a tattoo but something you will be proud to show off. Here’s a good design that could cover up old tattoos pretty well and looks awesome.

coverup flowers

Cover up new Flowers TaT

If you don’t really want to cover up your old tattoo by shadows and darker colors, you could still do it with lighter shades and softer strokes. However with further inspection, you can still see the old tattoo’s outline. But with the new tattoo’s design, it’s actually great work.

Hibiscus and butterfly cover up tattoo

The old tattoo is rather simple to cover up, but get that opportunity to cover it up and make a much more beautiful design. Here, an old tattoo turns into a realistic and beautiful Hibiscus flower and butterfly.

Diamond cover up tattoo

Diamond cover up tattoo by Sile Sanda

Cartoon characters aren’t just for kids, but sometimes, having it as tattoo doesn’t really work out. This Tweety Bird tattoo is now covered up with a shining red gem which is a hundred times more lovely.

Dream Catcher Cover Up Tattoo Before & After

Here’s another design where the previous tattoo wasn’t entirely hidden behind another tattoo. Rather, it was mixed into the new one. Here, the little butterfly was accompanied by more butterflies, roses and an enchanting dream catcher.

Feather cover up wrist tattoo

The thing about wrist tattoos is that these are smaller, and so it would be easier to cover up. The previous tattoo was a little wing and a name. Then those were covered by two feathers, one which is darker to entirely cover the first tattoo.

flower cover up tattoo by Andrey Grimmy

Flower cover up tattoo by Andrey Grimmy

Since the lioness tattoo is fading, it’s much simpler to cover it up with a colorful tattoos or those with darker shades. Women usually go with flower designs since there’s an excuse to use up all the space for coloring and shading. And these are extremely beautiful.

Flower cvoer up side tattoo

Flower cover up side tattoo

Here, the flower and the hand is molded into the shapes of the new tattoo to hide every side without having to cover much more space since the original one is slightly big. You could see the outline of the new tattoo on the Before picture.

Portrait cover tattoo

Hibiscus and butterfly cover up

Simple tattoos were really in before but now, since artists and techniques have evolved, the designs were more detailed and complicated. Here’s a Before and After cover up tattoo showcasing the vast difference on the designs.

Koi fish tattoo cover up

Koi fish tattoo cover up

Turning a little scaly friend to a bigger scaly friend; a tattoo artist hid a snake into a big black koi fish with little elements of red. The new tattoo is much bigger so the old one was simply hidden underneath.

Lily cover up tattoo

Lily cover up

Lily’s are very beautiful and also meaningful so it’s not surprising to have this chosen as the cover up tattoo. The original tattoo was actually smaller and has less shades so there was no problem covering it up. The new tattoo even had spaces of skin so it’s not really obvious it was used to hide another design.

black sleeve tattoo cover up

Here is another plan of covering up a tribal tattoo with a bigger and darker ancient Eastern warrior mask. The plan shows which parts would be darker to help conceal the tattoo.

Mermaid cover up back tattoo

Lighter colored tattoos are rather hard to hide but here, they found a way to make it work. Since the older tattoo is more on blues, the new tattoo consisted of the same color as well especially on the part where the old tattoo was.

Moth cover up nack tattoo

Moth cover up neck tattoo

Neck tattoos are rather small so the first tattoo, which is a cross is more on the easier tattoos to conceal. The cover up tattoo was a moth which is perfect as it has its fair parts of dark and shaded areas as well as small as well. But the details on it definitely makes it worthy of a cover.

peacock coverup tattoo

Peacock Cover Up tattoo by Jackie Rabbit

Little and simple tattoos are rather a good bunch of tattoos to cover up since there is almost no restriction on how to cover it up, just like this beautiful Peacock cover up design to instantly hide a simple tattoo.

Portrait cover tattoo

Portrait cover up tattoo

If it’s hard to conceal the tattoo (especially when it’s all black) on the new tattoo, then the best way is hide the tattoo behind the darker shadows and move the main subject somewhere that will not show the old tattoo.

Portraitcover up tattoo

Rose cover up tattoo by Matt Jordan

Cover up the guitar with two roses on arm

One more way of making sure a tattoo is perfectly covered up is to follow its shape. It may not be easy especially when it’s tribal or abstract designs. But with this one, it’s rather easy to choose roses since it’s rather round in the top and the stem is smaller which is perfect to cover a guitar tattoo.


  1. Hey. I’am looking for someone great to cover up my bad wing tattoo I have on my back?
    Looking to get this done as soon as problem. Thks

  2. I have a koi on my upper arm that I want covered, it’s only the outline of the fish, some water and small flower (outline only) I know it’s possible but ughhhh. Lol. I want it to look better and have movement, I eventually want to turn this into a full sleeve

  3. I need help with covering up or ideas how to cover five small stars spread a little apart on my upper arm
    thank you

  4. I need big-time help on a cover up on my forearm been wanting it done for 2 yrs ready to move on from it I’d be so appreciative thank you a n God bless

  5. Again the tattooist could have free reign of ideas or we could collaborate over as well again thank you ..

  6. My nephew has red lips over his heart and now needs it removed or covered up. Any ideas.

  7. I got a new tattoo and do not like it. Need to cover it up. Good to see this is possible. Sucks I wasted 280 and don’t even want it now.

  8. Have a butterfly tattoo inside my right ear. It was my first and I got with so much excitement and heart thinking with remembrance of my dear brother. All that said it needs help and I need advice from experts please.

  9. Hi. I needs a small star covered up on my hand . Can’t find nothing that might do the job. Hopefully you can help and send me some ideas / pics


  11. Would like to cover up a black panther I have on my shoulder area.

  12. Need a cross covered on my forearm.. anyone any ideas of what design would be best☺

  13. Hello I’m looking to cover up a forearm tattoo of a panther with patriotic theme any ideas

  14. most of them don’t completely cover the old tattoo and those who do, are just either too dark or the composition is so weird it looks as if it’s trying to hide something

  15. Big scars on forearm need it covered after 20 years of hidding them can anyone recommend a good tattoo artist in London as there so many thanks

  16. so i have a chest piece that i need covered up its going to have to be an entire chest piece to cover thes e and i really need help drawing it and someone to do that can actually make it happen…its my biggest insecurity..

  17. I have a dragon / gargoyle tattoo on my arm and have been looking
    Through so many patterns to cover it up wit
    10 inches long
    5 inches wide
    Please help me find something

  18. I got the name Jerry on my hip on the front side of my body. Need some ideas to cover it up with.

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